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Indulge in something sweet with Gelatissimo

Gelatissimo not only produces the best tasting gelato on the island, but the gelato makers also have its decadent chocolate production department.

Making the top of the list is our Amore chocolate, fine hearth shaped Belgian dark chocolate using only pure cocoa of a very high-quality, comes beautifully wrapped in a package of 15 chocolates, and is available in 3 flavors: classico, pistacchio, and amaretto.

The Gran Corazon is definitely a must have dessert option, with its solid texture, Belgian heart-shaped dark chocolate filled with delicious gelato, available in 5 flavors: amaretto, hazelnut crunch, mandarin, coconut, and coffee.

The newest addition to the gelatissimo chocolate delight is its creatively shaped chocolate bars. The chocolate bars are made with the finest cocoa beans, this chocolatey goodness offers the perfect texture and taste to satisfy every palette, available in milk or dark chocolate, with or without hazelnut.

To order gelatissimo’s chocolate delights, visit our website at or contact us at +2975882599 Ext 74/21

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