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Gelatissimo’s top locations and why you should visit

Palm Beach, March 2022 – If you are wondering where to get the best tasting Italian gelato on the island, then look no further, Gelatissimo Bus and the Gelatissimo Palm Pier have the scoops and the views that you need.

An after-dinner dessert experience sure to delight the entire family! The Gelatissimo bus is located at Gianni’s Plaza. The bus offers a cool and sophisticated decor, with the option for visitors to sit upstairs at the upper deck while overlooking the Palm Beach Strip or sit below on the plaza being enthralled by the sounds of the nightly live entertainment and the various surrounding kiosk which is an added bonus, perfect for shopping or just browsing.

If you are on the beautiful Palm Beach lounging under a palapa, then the Gelatissimo Palm Pier is the destination for you. Located on the Palm Pier, you have the option to walk over and order your favorite gelato, ice-cold Frappuccino, popsicle and/or sandwich of your choice. Or if you are waiting on your catamaran sail, you can also order your favorite dessert before boarding or after disembarking.

The two locations definitely have you covered in terms of needs, an after-dinner sunset or sundown experience or a daytime refresher, you can choose one or both options depending on the type of day that you’re having.


Gelatissimo Bus is a sophisticated and fun outlet for visitors to have their favorite gelato. The double-decker bus offers an after-dinner sunset or sundown experience with the option to sit upstairs or lounge on Gianni’s Plaza. The bus is open daily from 5PM to 12:30AM

Gelatissimo Palm Pier is located on the Palm Pier. The cozy and Oceanside outlet provide beach goers and those in need of a daytime refresher the option to order gelatos and desserts from their varied menu options. The Gelatissimo Palm Pier is open daily from 12PM to 8PM

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