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For the official pre-opening of the gelatissimo bus at Gianni’s Plaza, Gelatissimo hosted a “draw your own bus” competition. The gianni's group marketing team contacted SKOA to have ten participating basic school from each district (St. Paulus School, St. Franciscus College, St. Dominicus College, Maria Goretti College, Colegio Laura Wernet Paskel, Rosario College, Colegio Christo Rey, St. Anna School, Emma School and Paso pa Futuro) and of the ten schools that participated, a winner of four schools were selected.

The marketing team hand delivered over 400 large blank sheets with the competition instruction written on them to the ten participating schools, having received ample amount of time, the marketing team then returned to pick-up the drawings from the schools a few days shy of the October vacation.

Gelatissimo received over 400 creatively drawn submissions from children between the ages of 7 and 12, and a lot of enthusiasm from both the students and the teachers. The students utilized plenty of colors, glitz and glamour, some even went in a more futuristic direction and drew a more modern take on their fantasy gelatissimo bus.

The drawing competition was an immense success, a great initiative to see the artistic creativity that the participating students possess, and also their willingness to showcase their talent.

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