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Gelatissimo Goes to Do It Center

Gelatissimo, famous for its authentic Italian gelatos produced right here in Aruba, hosted a surprise tasting event on Friday and Saturday, November 19-20, 2021 at Do It Center. The happy customers were treated to a delicious gelato in cup, having the option to choose from one of three flavors; Stracciatella, Pistachio, and Hazelnut Crunch. Also, the customers had the option to try other Gelatissimo products, such as the Amore Chocolates, available in Classic, Pistachio, and Amaretto.

The Gelatissimo team wore their on-brand t-shirts, with the vintage gelato cart that was placed near the entrance, so that each customer, even employees, had the opportunity to taste what Gelatissimo is all about.

Furthermore, our charismatic sales person “Yasmin Mujica” did an awesome presentation on the mic, interviewing happy customers, of all ages. The resident Gelatissimo DJ "Paolo" set the ambience with some upbeat background music to add that special musical touch that was much needed.

Once the happy customers had their taste of gelatissimo, they were guided towards the designated area to purchase their gelato products.

The event was a complete success, having sold out gelatissimo products on the first evening, and selling more the following.

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