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Popsicles Gelatissimo

Experience the refreshing and delightful world of gelato in a popsicle form. These mouthwatering gelato popsicles are available in a selection of nine tantalizing flavors, each offering a unique burst of taste and texture. Whether you're seeking a creamy indulgence or a fruity sensation, there's a flavor to satisfy every craving!

Chocolate Coconut: Dive into a blend of velvety chocolate and tropical coconut, where the richness of chocolate meets the exotic notes of coconut, creating a harmonious and decadent treat.


Chocolate Vanilla: Immerse yourself in the smooth and creamy embrace of pure milk chocolate, capturing the essence of this classic flavor with its luscious and satisfying taste.

Hazelnut Crunch: Experience the irresistible combination of roasted hazelnuts and delicate caramelized crunch, giving this gelato popsicle a delightful texture and an indulgent nutty flavor.

Strawberry: Savor the sweetness of ripe strawberries in this refreshing and fruity gelato popsicle. Each bite delivers a burst of tangy and luscious strawberry flavor, perfectly capturing the essence of this beloved fruit.

Passion Fruit: Embark on a tropical journey with the vibrant and tangy taste of passion fruit. This exotic flavor brings a zesty and refreshing twist to your gelato popsicle experience.

Limone: Awaken your taste buds with the zesty and invigorating flavor of lemon. This tangy and refreshing gelato popsicle is a perfect choice for those who enjoy a citrusy twist.

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Whether you're lounging by the pool, strolling along the beach, or simply looking for a refreshing treat, these gelato popsicles in a variety of flavors will take your taste buds on a delightful journey. Each bite is a burst of indulgence, offering a frozen treat that brings the best of gelato flavors to a convenient and portable form.

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